Ron Natinsky

Nancy and I want to thank you for all your support during my time in public service. I'm now back in the private sector where I spent my years before public service. The experiences I've had in the public sector add considerably to my private sector experience. Being able to understand how public policy affects the private sector and visa versa is fantastic. The possibilities and opportunities are endless and I'm really enjoying it. Many people ask if I'll be returning to public service  and my answer is "once public service is in your blood you never lose it".


After taking a well earned rest, catching up on Nancy's 'honey do list' and taking a long needed vacation, it's now back to business.

I now have a new consulting firm, Tirgo LLC.  I am also a principal in several development projects. I continue to be involved in technology, transportation, infrastructure and of course the international arena. I'm now focusing on taking the public section development experience to private development projects that range from townhomes to a full service hotel and 900 space parking garage. I also keep my hand in international ventures, technology start-ups and consulting opportunities. These are putting me right back in the middle of the real entrepreneurial private sector where I started.


If you think my experiences could be of help in a project that you're working on I'd love to hear from you.

You can also visit for more information.